How Denver Chefs Are Putting a Spin on Three Asian Dishes

Return To Blog While Korean fried chicken is commonplace in Los Angeles, a search for the crispy, spicy dish in this city’s Korean restaurants can turn into a real snipe hunt, with Funny Plus and Yong Gung in Aurora offering two rare — if delicious — versions. But then you find the bird where you least expect it: the Hound. Formerly the Irish Hound, this Cherry Creek spot was recently transformed from a neighborhood pub into something slightly more upscale, with a more diverse menu. Chef Dakota Coburn embraces the New American concept, which gathers up the crazy quilt of international culinary arrivals in the U.S. and gives it a more comforting, familiar twist. Coburn has added Mexican touches inspired by his travels and his time at Boulder’s Centro Mexican Kitchen, as well as French and Italian techniques and ingredients ranging from polenta to fried baby artichokes, but he’s also larded the menu with a banh mi bolstered with duck pâté and smoked pork.

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